Properties on the Costa del Sol

Spain is a perfect country for those who want to invest in Real Estate, it’s an unique opportunity to make a good deal. As this beautiful country increases in popularity it’s quickly becoming the choice for tourists, private buyers who want a holiday home and investors, most of them overseas.

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List villas for sale on 1122 real estate portals world wide

If you are looking for a holiday home, for rent or buy, a second home or an investment to rent out, the Costa del Sol is the favorite at the moment in the entire world.

The properties on the Costa del Sol are a solid business with many future profits. You can find luxury apartments, luxury villas, luxury houses, penthouses, chalets, and much more.

How does it work the International Real Estate Alliance?

Selling a property overseas is the best choice that you can do. Many foreign buyers and investors are searching properties on the Costa del Sol, and they can easily find your property through our 1122 Real Estate Websites, like this one, which is associated to the others websites, all of them belong to International Real Estate Alliance. We advertise your property from day 1 to millions of visitors per day.

The potential buyers or investors will see your offer every day, listed on Spanish and English in all the Associated Websites to get more visitors, and they will contact you directly without an intermediary. You have to publish on the Ad your contact name, telephone, and email to receive contacts immediately.


It’s the lowest fee on the market

You pay only a 40 EURO fee for a year of advertising. It’s the lowest fee in the Spanish market, since you don’t have to pay a month fee or extra money in commissions. Once you advertise your property in this website, automatically it will be listed by the system on over 1000 Real Estate Websites providing you with the most efficient international publicity in the world.


How to sell fast my property?

If you want to sell fast you need to focus your publicity on Internet and mainly overseas, this way you will increase the offers from buyers and investors deeply interested in buying or renting properties on the Costa del Sol.